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:images.png 10/19/2017

The best decision I made was choosing Newport Driving School and having Carlos as my instructor. He picked me up from home and was very helpful, and was a key in helping me pass my driving test!
Hareb T. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 9/19/2017

Newport driving school is really good. I passed the test with the instructor Carlos. He's funny guy and teaches me with patient. So I greatly recommend this driving school.
Susan S. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 9/15/2017

CARLOS is excellent! He is unlike other driving instructors because he goes above and beyond to help you and truly wants you to pass. Professional, skilled and flexible instructor. I had a great experience, 11/10 recommend.
Khehkash A. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 9/14/2017

Carlos is the perfect driving instructor--passed at first attempt with no problems at all!
Duncan P. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 8/31/2017

My experience at the Newport Driving School with Carlos was amazing! I passed my driving test right after one 2-hour lesson with Carlos. His calm personality and great sense of humor along with his great driving tips, helped me out the entire lesson. Carlos was patient, helpful, and made sure that you understood every possible scenario on the road. Not only is his service extremely professional, it is also convenient and affordable. The price is well worth it and you’ll feel as if you’re getting the bargain of your life. I would recommend Carlos and the Newport Driving School to everyone.
Ala M. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 8/24/2017

Newport Driving School is a really good school! Carlos was my instructor and he was wonderful he taught me everything I needed to know and gave me confidence in myself. It's very affordable and it only took some classes to pass. Thanks to him I passed my driving test and now I can drive anywhere I want which is wonderful! I highly recommend newport driving school and Carlos forever thankful!
Perla T. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 8/17/2017

I would highly recommend this school. If you wanna learn good driving then go to this school, carlos is a great teacher and he will give you tips and teach you techniques that no other school will teah you. I started off with 28 mistakes on the first day and in 3 sessions he got me down to 3. I passed my BTW test in one go with no problems. Great school!!
Daksh S. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 8/7/2017

I highly recommend Newport Driving School. Carlos is an experienced and skillful instructor. In the first driving class, itself he assesses our driving skills and helps us focus on correcting our errors while being patient towards us and makes us comfortable with driving, due to which I saved time and money not wasting on take too many classes. I passed my BWT and I am confident to drive a car. I am so happy and excited. Thank you so much Carlos & Team 😊!
Lizzy Rose. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 7/26/2017

I am glad I agreed on taking a class with Newport Driving School, I passed, he is a great instructor and very respectable. Thank you so much because without the help I received I would never received my drivers license.
Judith R. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 7/22/2017

Best Driving School in Newport Beach. I really enjoyed each lesson with Carlos, he is a very professional teacher with a lot of experience! I really recommend Newport Driving School!!
Natacha D.. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 5/30/2017

Not only did my son and most all his friends go to the Newport Driving School but they are my Tenants. They are a responsible, reliable and a professional company that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their license. In addition each student felt individual attention.
Susan S. - Newpot Beach, CA

:images.png 5/4/2017

In the last week I take one class in newport driving school they set up an appointment for my driving test and i pass at the first time , I recommend to visit this school it helps me a lot.
Sultan A. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 4/27/2017
I learn my car driving from this school. The training is really awesome worth your money. I specially thank my trainer Mr Carlos Adrianzen his driving advise really helped me a lot and all praise goes to him also my roommate Ashwin introduced this driving school . Mr Carlos thanks for everything as the examiner appreciated me with good remarks
Muralikrihsna N. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 4/14/2017
Carlos was an excellent coach. I just passed my drivers test and I am very excited. Best school in Orange County. I definitely recommend it! :)
Yamiles A. - MIssion Viejo, CA

:images.png 4/6/2017
I Strongly recommend this school. The instructors are all very nice and cool people and they know what their talking about. They teach you everything you need to know about the road and driving. Thank you Norma, Carlos, and Paul for helping me get my licenses.
Theodore B. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 4/5/2017

Carlos is the best! He helped me pass the behind the wheel test and fixed my bad driving habits. I would highly recommend Newport Driving School for any new drivers.
Natalia C - Irvine, CA

:images.png 3/23/2017
Carlos is the best instructor you can ever have. I learned a lot from him. And now with a license I only need to put in practice all what he taught me.
Amar M. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 5/11/2016
I've had another instructors teach me but Carlos is the best. Had my first driving class yesterday with him and I have learned so much in just 2 hours. With his help and guidance I am sure I will get my license.He is a true professional, I will recommend him to all of my friends who plan to get their license.

5/13/2016 -Update:After only 4 hours of practice with Carlos I managed to pass my behind the wheel test! Once again I stress that Carlos is a true professional, he concentrates on your weaknesses and doesn't move on to next step until you perfect that skill. I would of not get my license if Not Carlos. I would recommend it to anyone if asked, no doubt all your money is worth Carlos's lessons. Thank you very much to Carlos and Bewport Beach driving School you guys are the best!!
Nozanin S. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 3/21/2016
I had my first stick shift driving class with Carlos on Saturday. It was at 7 am for two hours and I learned so much. I really enjoyed how stress free the driving was. I surprisingly didn't stall at all and the two hours flew by. He taught me how to start the car without it being on, how to down shift and we even got the chance to drive on the street for a bit. I highly recommend coming here to learn how to drive manual. Since coming here I can drive my bfs Subaru better then him and eventually want to get my own manual car now.
Brianna H. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 11/6/2015
Carlos was great! My son Scott needed some extra practice to get ready for his third try. Carlos did an excellent job and corrected issues that caused him to fail on previous attempts. After two lessons with Carlos, he passed with flying colors (-4 only). I would highly recommend him, he is very experienced and knew exactly what Scott needed.
Steve P. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

:images.png 10/14/2015
I recommend Carlos highly. He is punctual, friendly, patient and very proffesional. He explain everything very well. I took my driving test today, Carlos came with me to the DMV and that calmed my nerves. I passed my test!   Thank you very much Carlos , you are the best!!!
Yesenia A. - Newport beach, CA

Carlos gives you the feeling of success even before you take the test and the way he prepares you for the behind the wheel test is very well done and makes you a better and safer driver
Adrian A. - Santa Ana, CA

:images.png 10/2/2015 Previous review
Carlos was very friendly, patient and attentive. He made me feel confident and I didn't feel like he was rushing me to get to his next client. I highly recommend Carlos. He seems very confident that I will pass, being that he is my instructor. I will keep you posted!!

:images.png 10/10/2015  Updated review
 I passed on my first time!!! I am 100% sure it was because of Carlos and his help and support. THANK YOU CARLOS YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
Hannah J. - Los Angeles, CA

:images.png 10/1/2015
Carlos is AWESOME! I only took one class with him and I pass my driving test ! He is a good driving instructor. He not only taught me how to pass the test but also taught me how to drive as a safe driver!
Vin Sen L. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 9/15/2015
carlos was excellent he helped me pass my drivers test first try.
Ivan J. - Santa Ana, CA

:images.png 8/28/2015
We found out about the driving school online and we contacted them and got a response immediately! Carlos gave us the steps and procedures and booked us appointments, and as soon as we passed the written he was fully committed in making the time to go out with us and teach us for the behind the wheel test, he was with us all the way until the end. Carlos is really the best!
Areeb R. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 8/23/2015
Newport driving school is one of the best driving schools in the state as I have heard. Based on the Testimonials I chose to go ahead and make an appointment. All the Testimonials rated Carlos as the most capable and experienced instructor around. So far I have taken a total of four driving lessons with Carlos and feel confident enough to pass the driving test.
Meera N. - Newport Coast, CA

:images.png 8/18/2015
Carlos is a good man inside and out ,I learn a lot me and my sister how to drive and he was a good instructor I recommend it to any one wants to learn
Athba A. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 8/14/2015
What are you talking about? I know carlos for a long time he's the reason why i got my California license!! You are so rude !!
Sara F. - Newport Coast, CA

:images.png 7/15/2015
If you want to give your kids the best learn-to-drive experience in SoCal, enroll them at Newport Driving School. Carlos and his team of professionals will pick up your student, teach them to drive safely, and then prepare them to PASS their road test the first time!  All three of my daughters learned to drive and got licensed with the help of Carlos and Newport Driving School. They are the BEST!
Renee T. - Aliso Viejo, CA

:images.png 4/12/2015 Previous review
Carlos was very helpful and funny! He explained everything clearly and I passed! I knew a little bit about driving but my skills improved in only a couple of hours with Carlos. I highly recommend him!

:images.png 5/23/2015 Updated review
Thank you to Carlos and Newport Driving School for preparing my two children for their tests, in which they both passed on the first try! The price is AMAZING and my kids said that Carlos was a great at explaining things. :D
Sean P. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 4/14/2015
Carlos is a good teacher!! When i was driving .. He gave me confidence :3 it was so fun and confortable
Linda C. - Stanton, CA

:images.png 4/10/2015
I thought I knew how to drive until I drove with Carlos! I was really nervous to drive with someone other than my dad but Carlos explained everything in a simple but clear way. I learned the proper way to make perfect turns and how to back up correctly. I drove down the PCH, a perfect place for Carlos to test my 'changing' lanes skills, plus the view of the beach was an added bonus. I recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to pass the driving test!
Nicole P. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 3/19/2015
Took one class with Carlos and was already helpful to get only 3 mistakes during the driving test. Before the test Carlos played Funny Brazilian musics which made me relax and don't feel anxious, that was such really nice attitude from him. Actually I ended up doing great and had so much fun. Thanks Carlos and Newport driving school for being so nice and giving as much as attention I needed. Really appreciated on doing the class with the school and specially with Carlinhos.
Mi C. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 12/12/2014
Soy peruana y acabo de mudarme a California. He decidido sacar mi licencia de manejo ya que es muy importante para poder ir a trabajar sin depender de que nadie me este llevando o tomar transporte público y perder tiempo. Así que empecé a tomar clases de manejo en Newport Driving School. Empecé prácticamente de cero, pero el señor Carlos tiene una paciencia increíble y técnica para enseñar, así que resulta súper fácil captar rápidamente. Siento que estoy aprendiendo cada vez más y sin stress, realmente estoy muy contenta y recomiendo 100% las clases :)
Claudia B. - Lake Forest, CA

:images.png 8/23/2014
I took the manual driving lessons with Carlos and had a great experience. He was very good at making me feel comfortable while learning to drive stick.  The pace that he brought me up from the residential area up to regular traffic light streets was perfect and I was confident I could drive stick on my own by the end of the lesson. Thanks Carlos
Kevin B. - Mission Viejo, CA

:images.png 4/7/2014
My son needed driving experience on a stick shift vehicle.
He REALLY benefited from the  training he received from NDS.
Big shout out to the school as well for the following: The day of his driving training , my son left his cellphone in the NDS car. They found it and returned it to us.
Great bunch of guys! I highly recommend the School!
Stephen F. - Raisin City, CA

:images.png 2/28/2014
Newport Driving school is the best school ever and Carlos, my driving instructor is the best. I never wanted to drive before, as I was afraid about it, but Carlos was really patient with me and help me to be more confident behind the wheel. He's a great teacher and you can see that he cares about his students..I passed my written test the 1st time and I get my licence the 1st time as well with only 1 little mistake :) ..I would definitely recommend him and the school. They're the BEST and I will definitely miss driving with Carlos...thank you Carlos for everything !
Aude R. - Fountain Valley, CA

:images.png 8/23/2013
I took one behind-the wheel class with Carlos and it was really helpful. He helped me improve on my weak areas and gave me much confidence. I took my behind the wheel test and passed on my first try. I can say that his class was a huge help since I am able to drive with confidence from now on!
Ana B. - Santa Ana, CA

:images.png 8/8/2013
Hi everybody
I am a student here I failed the behind the wheels test twice even though I had passed the writing test with score 100!
I was totally disappointed and hopeless because I really needed to have my driving license ! So I called the Newport Driving School and they sent an instructor to train me,his name is Carlos,he is such a nice guy ,he is an expert in his work.He gave me a lesson and  he taught me well enough that I passed the test with a very good score and almost no mistakes!
Azadeh T. - Costa Mesa, CA

:images.png 7/1/2013
Carlos is the best! I have taken classes with him and he is an excellent teacher. Initially I had zero knowledge about driving and two classes with him made me very confident. I have given the license test a couple of days back and thanks to him I passed it. I would suggest him to anyone who wants to learn drivin
Sadhana K. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 6/23/2013
I had so much of fear in touching my car. But Carlos helped me to get out of that fear and in no time i am surprised to see that i can drive and i hear from my family that i am a good driver. Any new driver who is looking forward for a teacher please contact Carlos. I have already booked him for my daughter who is just two years old now :-)
Ramalingam S. - Foothill Ranch, CA

:images.png 5/22/2013
We loved Newport Driving School.
The online and behind the wheels portion went really well for my teenage son, who passed both tests on the first try. The instructor was on time and communicated very well. I will use them again for my other kids.
Sandy B. - Ladera Ranch, CA

:images.png 4/5/2013
Over ten years ago from today I knew that I would need the necessary training to obtain my permit and furthermore Driver's License. The in class portion was a breeze I was supplied with all the necessary material. After I completed the in class portion I did not need to study because all of the material was covered in the classroom and provided practice tests. I passed my written exam on my first attempt. Once I received my permit I was ready for the behind the wheel portion. I was extremely excited but also nervous. Carlos, the behind the wheel instructor was extremely well trained and was very capable of being in control of the behind the wheel training session. He was able to notice that I was nervous and was able to calm my nerves on the road. He was extremely calm and extremely thorough when instructing me with all aspects involved when driving behind the wheel. My fears of driving for the first time were easily diminished because the instructor made me feel comfortable. The vehicle I was using had safety features as well. When I completed the training I took my driving exam and passed with only one mistake!!! Carlos made me extremely confident in my driving. It's important to ask questions if you have any. I will continue to recommend Newport Driving School to anyone looking for a driving school. Everyone that I have recommended have passed with flying colors. I was happy that I chose Newport driving school especially with the special packages/discounts. Newport Driving School is the #1 driving school period!
Bruce W. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 3/14/2013
Thanks guys!
Got my license today from Laguna Hills!It feels great.I want to thank the team at Newport Driving School for accommodating me at such a short notice. I had only 3 days left before my behind the wheel test and didnt feel confident enough to go ahead and take the test. When I called them up, they were willing to start my training(6 hrs) immediately and get me ready for it. Carlos was my instructor. He is simply fantastic(and funtastic:))! He teaches you driving tricks that you can master in a short period of time. With his interesting talks and funny jokes,he eases you of any nervousness . He instills confidence in you and makes driving a pleasure. I really enjoyed my driving class. Must say, these guys just know how to do it right!
Deepa S. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 3/16/2012
My driving instructor, Carlos, was excellent. He was a funny and nice guy but he's also a great driving teacher. He taught my brother, sister,, and me and we all passed are driving test on our first try. I had only a few weeks of experience. You will definitely learn to drive well
Brian W. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 3/14/2012
It was really great! I learned a whole lot. I passed my test with high score and everything they said that i was to expect happened! I was actually really happy with this school because as a new driver I was really nervous about being able to pass and stuff but after the classes I felt comfortable because i was well prepared. Great instructor, Ralph, taught me to drive stick-shift as well.
Alessandra C. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 3/13/2012
Thank you Newport Driving School, I just moved from another state and I didn't know how to drive, I called different places and I decided to go for Newport Driving School cause they were clear and honest they took the time to explain every question I had with regards to my license. I started taking lessons and within 2 weeks as they said I got my license. I can only say that everything they said it was going to be, did happen. I can recommend Newport Driving School cause I took lesson from them and I got my license as I was told. Thank You!!
Dianne F. - Irvine, CA

:images.png 3/13/2012
This driving school offers good instructors who make sure you are fully ready for the test and learn to drive quickly. It took me several lessons to learn to drive with no prior experience of driving, and i got my driver license in two weeks. The driving lesson right before the test was very helpful. I would recommend this school for everybody, especially for people who come from other countries- you will get the best instruction on rules, conditions and laws. Kim
Kim A. - Newport Beach, CA

:images.png 2/28/2012
Newport Driving School is an awesome school and they are very helpful in teaching you how to drive or helping you in any of your needs. The instructor Carlos was really helpful to me and taught me everything i needed to know on how to pass the driving test. I recommend Newport Driving School to anyone that needs help or wants to learn how to drive.
David B. - Santa Ana, CA

:images.png 1/31/2012
Carlos A. helped me with my appointments and contacted me fast. He really improved my driving skills and questions that would be asked on the DMV test. When I drove with him, he was very helpful and did not panic or scream, or do anything that would set me off! I like this driving school. The office and is very professional
Mary N. - Garden Grove, CA

:images.png 1/31/2012
I scheduled an appointment one day and the next day I was emailed promptly by an instructor name, Carlos Adrianzen, about the time and where I should meet. Carlos worked around my schedule and is very patient and prompt with his communication. He was very nice, funny, and calm when he taught me how to drive. He is a great with tips and give great pointers and small quiz questions to prepare me for when I drive out in the real world. I would recommend him to my family or friend.
Christina N. - Westminster, CA

:images.png 6/10/2010
Well first and foremost I have to admit that I didn't get my license til a little later than most everyone els. I had the grand plan of living in San Francisco and didn't think I would need a car. Years later I was still living in Orange County and although my eco-friendly ways won praise, it was a pain not to have a vehicle. So I succumbed and decided to buy a car, and tried to pass the test just on my own. Well I failed and my ego was pretty severely dinged. As I didn't drive regularly I figured taking classes at a driving school would help. I heard about Newport Driving School from a friend and so I signed up. Norma was my instructor and she was SOOO patient and wonderful throughout the whole experience. She immediately made me feel at ease (I was nervous for whatever reason) and the only thing that she recommended at the end of our sessions is to hold off on my lead foot (haha). Her suggestions while we were on the road and also the tips she provided on passing the test ensured that the 2nd time around I actually got my license and did not have to suffer the ignominy of having to take the test a 3rd time. My younger sisters also chose to go with Newport Driving School based on my experience (and passed with flying colors!) so I would highly recommend them to others. Hope this helps you guys out. :)
Andrea M. - Philadelphia, PA

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