Newport Driving School

Instructor Training Program

Instructor Training Program

This licensee is authorized to provide Driving School Instructor Training. This training is required prior to applying to the department for a license and administration of a knowledge exam.

"The Alaskan Crew" Victoria Jean Roberts, Shannon Lee Marotta & Monica Bliss Sander-Robbins, completed Newport Driving School's Instructor Training Course. Watch for "The Alaskan Crew" to provide superior driver education and training in Alaska.


60 Hours Instructor Training Curriculum:

Chapter. 1 Qualifications of a Professional Driving Instructor

Chapter 2. First AID Relating to Vehicle Accidents

Chapter 3. Teaching Techniques for training Drivers

Chapter 4. The Driving privilege; licensing and controls

Chapter 5. California vehicle code and rules of the road

Chapter 6. Motor vehicle equipment and maintenance

Chapter 7. Physical and Mental Capabilities of Drivers

Chapter 8. Physical and Mental Capabilities of Drivers

Physical laws affecting the operation of motor vehicles

Chapter. 9 Teaching-driving skills

Chapter. 10 Defensive Driving
Chapter. 11 Student Orientations to vehicle features, controls, and operation

Chapter 12. Driving skills


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