continuing professional education program

Referring to the DMV Division Compliance Memo Dated 06/12/1982, “Continued Professional Education 401.5 in place of a renewal examination every three years is provided in section 11105(2) and 1105.1(b)(2) of the vehicle code”

The pre-requisites for license renewal examination, the department of motor vehicle of California expects the licensee to submit evidence of 18 hours of continuing professional education program. Professional education means satisfactory completion of courses related to traffic safety, teaching techniques, or the teaching of driver education acceptable to the department of motor vehicle of California or participation in professional seminars approved by the department. CVC Section 11105 (b)(2).

Our experienced team have witnessed many cases over the years which have helped us spot the areas of weaknesses that the majority of drivers have and it is our role to help them enhance these areas. Our Continuing Professional Education Program is focused on addressing weaknesses and guiding licensee on how to rebuild their records. And this is exactly what every licensee is seeking in order to full the requirements for renewal!
Continuing Professional Education Program Also keep the images you currently have, looking good. A focused program that cannot be found elsewhere!


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