Newport Driving School

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons at Newport Driving School, This licensee may provide 6 hours of driving lessons which satisfies one of the education requirements to obtain a Driver License. All vehicles used for behind the wheel training must be currently registered, maintained in safe mechanical condition and an insurance certificate must be available in the vehicle. Behind the Wheel Training Program at Newport driving School is the best!

Newport Driving School offer driving lessons. We offer 6 Hours Private Driving Lesson (One-on-One) and also 2 hours brush-up private Behind-the-Wheel (One-on-One). The 6 hours driving lessons are spanned over a three day period. Each day consists of a set number of hours for your training. We also offer DMV Road Test Package which includes: Pick-Up and Drop-Off from anywhere, Car for the Road Test and one hour free brush-Up lesson.

we work on the basic driving techniques such as Pre-drive Set Ups, Stopping, Steering control, Right & Left turns, Turabouts, Lanes changes, passing, Being passed, Freeway driving, Backing, Parking, Identification skills, etc.

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