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About Us

With over 20 years of dedicated service, profound experience in addressing the different driving needs of each driver in Orange County Area, our Newport Driving School became the most prominent Driving Lessons School serving all drivers of all ages, physical conditions and skill levels.

We rely on our professional DMV Certified Instructors who are trained to understand the needs of every individual driver before they come up with ‘tailored driving courses’ that are customized to the various skills each driver has; to ensure you earn your driving license and feel confident every time you are on the road.

We don’t generalize, we individualize!

We offer a wide suite of services that works on enhancing the weaknesses of Teens, Adults, and Seniors who have been driving already, as well as those who are learning to drive for the first time.

This is what we help you achieve:

Practice Test for Driving License The first step to qualify for your driving license at DMV is to take a written test. Take a glance at DMV Sample tests, note down the areas you are not clear about and we will help you understand them better so you are prepared to take the DMV written test with great confidence! Freeway Driving Parking situations

Whereas, most driving schools would have a general driving education program that they use with every driver applying for a driving course, our friendly and highly experienced instructors work hard to develop adequateand and specific educational driving course that treats the needs of every driver separately.

This is what makes us successful, helping you PASS and qualify for your driving license from the first time.


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